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Background of the history involved in Islamic terrorism

Turkey is gray list containing? The future of the point of interest Background of historical risk is that involved in something Islamic terrorism the world of management is concerned in 00 years But keep previous remarks for which is not misleading, during the author happens to stay in Washington, close to begin the continuous terror was in the eyes cruel and inhumane Islamic system in the Middle East and Africa, including the [Islamic State] not at all a person who sympathize with terrorism. However, every newspaper raids such as is followed by tragic terrorist outbreak in this time in Paris, there is no need to feel like there things you are missing the underlying to in the condemnation that occurs Kyokuji manner. It These incidents possess human culture, in addition, a number of viewpoint or broke out at any point in a stream of long history of derive a religion. Conflict and tragedy of even current subsequent civilization Kidnapped a large number of women in Nigeria, in the declaration that the leaders of the terrorist group that was such a declaration to enslavement had been screaming toward the camera [We're to destroy all of the Christ civilization] is, in fact, extremely heavy historical implications are there.